About OneClickTest

OneClickTest is a free online service for creating user tests of UI based on the "first click" method.

Create tests in 3 easy steps

  1. Choose a test mode depending on your conditions

  2. Provide links to design layouts and test task

  3. Get two links to the test and report with the results

Convenient reports with detailed results

Depending on the testing mode, the report may contain the average, best and worst time for completing tasks, a click map on which you can select areas with the right clicks to calculate success and comments from users.

Usability testing in 3 modes

A/B testing. This type of split testing is suitable for checking two user interface designs. Testers are randomly shown one of the layouts with the same task. On the test results page, you will see how many times the test was passed, how quickly and accurately users chose where to click, and comments from the testers. A distinctive feature of this test is the ability to compare results on how this or that layout performs.

Single layout. This option is also suitable for UI testing, such as checking website pages and applications. However, unlike A/B testing, only one layout option will be shown to all users. On the test results page, you can also see statistics on the speed and accuracy of the test as well as comments. This test option is good when you need to check only one version of the layout.

Free choice. A test of this kind differs from the first two and is essentially a vote for one of the layout options. For example, when you have several layouts with a new logo, a tester will see a gallery with different options and will be able to choose the one they like more. As a result, you will get the total number test passes and the top list of upvoted designs.

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